I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate you on your and IEF’s outstanding accomplishments. You have made a critical positive change in the lives of thousands of people by giving them the most precious gift of restored eyesight. I wish you and your colleagues all the best with your next plans and projects and I look forward to our continued collaboration. With warm regards, Ivo

Dr. Ivo Kocur, MA, MSc
Prevention of Blindness and Deafness World Health Organization

I would like to reciprocate by thanking you and the entire IEF team (board members, staff, partners) for the wonderful work to prevent blindness and restore sight in Malawi and other African countries, and in this regard helping us to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and our national development goals. As a board member, I am privileged to give some of my time and talents to further the IEF mission around the world and be part of the IEF family.

Steve D. Matenje
Ambassador of Malawi Member, IEF Board of Directors